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The Vision of Ebenezer CFC


1.  Ebenezer CFC will be a training ground and worship center for equipping the servants of Christ to go out and spread the Gospel message.  Ebenezer CFC seeks to enlist and equip servants committed to the C.O.R.E.  Servants of the Master must demonstrate through their lifestyles that they understand their Conversion experience; are Obedient to the Word of God; establish Relationships inside and outside the church; and are Evangelists (consistently and effectively sharing the Gospel of Christ to those who are perishing). 

2.  Ebenezer CFC exists to provide the training necessary for the C.O.R.E. principles to be implemented in the lives of all who are enlisted through the missional efforts of our church. for God’s glory only.  It is our vision to identify and train servant-leaders and send them out to plant other churches and provide the same type of training to those servants they will enlist for service to the Lord. 

3.  Ebenezer CFC seeks to support the community of which we will be a part by finding out what the needs of the community are and by utilizing the gifts of the servants God sends to His Church, meeting as many of the needs of the community that we are equipped to meet.  As communities are dynamic in nature, Ebenezer CFC will strive to always be ready to adapt to meet the changing needs of the community in which we serve.

4.  Ebenezer CFC will support missions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through our giving of ourselves and our resources.  We are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally and will do our part as God provides.  We will be intentional in our missional efforts.

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